Our Team

We are on a mission to make a difference.

Brad Dowden

Founder and CEO

With a career spanning over 25 years in the technology space, Brad has held a variety of senior technology leadership roles. 

Founding The CIO Circle, his mission is to empower technology leaders around the world to maximise their impact.  Brad brings his vast experience and entrepreneurial mindset to help our members grow.

Brad Dowden Intercor

Alecs Calo

Community Manager

Alecs, who joined us from the Philippines in 2021, began as a virtual assistant handling admin and social media tasks.

As time passed, she smoothly moved up the ranks, going from her starting role to becoming The CIO Circle's Social Media Manager. Now, she proudly holds the position of our Community Manager.

Alecs Calo

Cathy Dowden

Head of Marketing and Wellbeing Lead

With an honours degree in Business & Marketing, Cathy's got a wealth of knowledge and experience in digital marketing and brings refreshing creativity to our business.

Cathy also runs her own well-being business and is on a mission to make the tech world a more balanced and enjoyable place to be.  She has a deep appreciation for the importance of well-being in business and in life. 

Cathy Dowden