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Keeping pace in a rapidly changing world is challenging

Faced with exponential technology and business change, its easy to feel unprepared.

Without support you can feel:

The pace of change is daunting, leading even the most seasoned tech leaders to question if they're truly keeping up.


With increasing complexities, it's easy to feel alone. You may wonder if anyone else genuinely understands the size of the challenges you face.


As new technologies and trends continuously emerge, you may feel anxiety about falling behind, missing out or becoming obsolete.

The CIO Circle is a curated community and platform created by tech leaders, for tech leaders.
We are dedicated to ensuring you never feel this way.

Mastering Modern Leadership:
The Pillars of Tomorrow's Success

Dive deep into key disciplines that will define the next generation of holistic leaders. From sustainability and advanced technology to inclusivity and wellbeing, equip yourself with the tools to shape the future.

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Shaping a Greener Future: Embrace strategies that prioritize our planet

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Lead with Purpose: Master the art of guiding teams to greatness

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Whole Leader Wellness: Cultivate personal resilience and a balanced life

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Stay Ahead of the Curve: Harness the latest advancements to drive innovation

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Empower with Intelligence: Unlock the potential of AI for transformative solutions

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Strength in Diversity: Foster environments where everyone thrives

The CIO Circle Platform

Our online platform has all of the resources needed to support you on your journey of continual growth.
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    Tools, Insights, Templates and conceirge to maximise your time to impact

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    Engage with our masterclasses, experts and events across all of our pillars

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    Interact with fellow members and gain support

What our members say

The CIO Circle is a positively enjoyable environment that allows tech leaders to openly and honestly share and learn on all those challenging non tech topics such as Leadership, Strategy, Wellbeing, Change, Transformation, Culture, etc to name a few, all within the context of technology as the enabler

Scott Findlater
CIO - Headlam Group PLC

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Empowering Tech Leaders: Navigating the Future with Confidence

In the rapidly evolving tech and business landscape, leaders like you are expected to be at the forefront: mastering new technologies, driving sustainable initiatives, and ensuring the well-being of your team, all while keeping business ahead of the curve. It's easy to feel overwhelmed.

Our platform is tailor-made to support tech leaders in mastering every facet of modern leadership. From masterclasses and expert interviews to a supportive community covering a number of pillars, we provide resources that are concise and actionable. You're not alone in navigating these challenges. With the CIO Circle, you'll accelerate your learning curve and maximise your impact.

Join us, and transform the way you lead today and in the future.


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Maximize your potential, make a lasting impact, and establish yourself as an industry leader. With the CIO Circle, your success story is just beginning.

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As a member of The CIO Circle, you get access to a wealth of knowledge, networks and insights to help you on your journey

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  • Expert Insights & Interviews: Stay updated with the latest in tech leadership through exclusive talks and Q&A sessions.

  • Interactive Groups & Forums: Join specialized discussion groups, facilitating knowledge-sharing and collaboration on various tech topics.

  • Exclusive Mobile App: Get streamlined access to all our resources, anytime, anywhere.

Be Inspired

Read the latest interviews, insights and news on tech and digital leadership

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