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Mel Smith

MEL SMITH Chief Information Officer at Buckles Solicitors LLP
The CIO Circle Editor
The CIO Circle Editor

Robert (Bob) Johnson

ROBERT (BOB) JOHNSON CIO at The American University of Paris
The CIO Circle Editor
The CIO Circle Editor

William M Genovese

William M Genovese CIO Advisory Partner at Kyndryl
The CIO Circle Editor
The CIO Circle Editor

Rebecka Kilkenny

REBECKA KILKENNY CIO at K2 Insurance Services
The CIO Circle Editor
The CIO Circle Editor

Pete Carrara

Pete Carrara Chief Information Officer at Black Knight Can you please provide a little introduction about yourself.
The CIO Circle Editor
The CIO Circle Editor

Richard Hinton

Richard Hinton Chief Information Officer at Natural History Museum   Can you please provide a little introduction about yourself.
The CIO Circle Editor
The CIO Circle Editor

The Importance of Adventure in Improving Leadership Skills

As a leader, it's easy to become consumed by work and the day-to-day responsibilities that come with it. However, taking time to step away from the office and pursue adventure can ...
Brad Dowden
Brad Dowden

Julia Zhou

Julia Zhou CIO at Community Behavioral Health
The CIO Circle Editor
The CIO Circle Editor

Top priorities for a CIO in their first 100 days

As a CIO, the first 100 days in a new role can be a critical time for setting the direction and priorities for the organization's technology strategy. Here are some key areas that ...
Brad Dowden
Brad Dowden

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As technology and digital leaders, we are uniquely positioned to make the greatest impact in todays world, however, most lack the time to level up their capabilities to realise their full potential and the impact they can have.

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The CIO Circle is a positively enjoyable environment that allows tech leaders to openly and honestly share and learn on all those challenging non tech topics such as Leadership, Strategy, Wellbeing, Change, Transformation, Culture, etc to name a few, all within the context of technology as the enabler
Scott Findlater
Scott Findlater, CIO @ Headlam Group PLC

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