Before answering the question on whether or not anyone is capable of being a leader, we need to define the meaning of the word leader. The dictionary states it is “the person who leads or commands a group, organisation, or country”. Is this an outdated view of leadership? There is an argument that in the 21st Century, there are leaders in far more situations that don’t involve commanding a group or country.

Yes, there are formal roles that are associated with having leadership skills such as a Director or CIO, but that is only one way to be seen as a leader.

Missing leadership opportunities stops us from growing and realising our true potential.

So is anyone capable of being a leader?

Is anyone capable of being a Leader

What does being a leader mean?

Being a leader means something different to each individual. To one person it can mean seeing the bigger picture with the ability to set goals but to another, it may mean focusing on the people around them and the potential impact that they can have on their lives.

Being a leader is not about being a dictator – leaders ask questions they don’t ‘tell’

Being a leader is not about how ‘important’’ you are or about reaching a certain status or level. You can show leadership in any role in a company.

When running a project you are leading. When speaking up about something you are passionate about, or advocating for, you are leading. When running your own business you are leading. We are all capable of experiencing and practising leadership skills. Often, we don’t allow ourselves to thrive in those situations in order to allow those leadership skills to be developed. But the more we are able to practice those skills, the more confident we become as a leader and the more we can grow.

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What does being a leader mean?

There are some key things you can do to demonstrate and build your leadership skills.

Firstly keep on learning. From your mentors, a role model, from the people around you, the mistakes that others make, and through continuing your professional development. Good leaders understand that learning is never done.

Secondly, keep on talking. Ask questions, give your opinions, and share your innovations. Be intrigued and don’t be shy to show your enthusiasm for your work.

Thirdly, remember you are part of a team. Be empathetic to others, help with the team workload when it’s needed. Showing you have an ‘we are all in it together’ attitude is another way to demonstrate great leadership as your teammates know they can count on you.

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Top 5 leadership traits of a modern CIO

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Growing and evolving is fundamental.

And there are 5 key traits that I know will make you stand out as a modern CIO to ensure you not only become relevant but that you continue to make an impression in your career going forward.

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Post by Alecs
May 6, 2024