With the tech talent shortage, CIOs must get creative to source, engage, and retain top technology professionals.

The technology skills shortage makes sourcing and retaining top technical talent an uphill battle.  According to Recruiting Trends, 61% of IT leaders struggle with attracting tech talent; 54% struggle to retain them. 

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Maximising Referrals

Referral bonuses and internal communications help motivate staff to recommend candidates from their networks. Make it easy for employees to submit referrals.

Streamlining Hiring

Simplify cumbersome hiring processes using modern applicant tracking systems and online technical assessments. Use chatbots for initial candidate screening.

Offering Training

Investing in continuous skills development demonstrates a commitment to staff and helps upskill. Offer stipends for online courses, certifications, conferences, etc.

Building Engagement

Foster a collaborative, innovative culture and provide opportunities for growth to retain talent. Gather feedback, host social events, and recognise achievements.

Promoting Wellness

Offer benefits like mental health support, flexible schedules, office perks, and wellness reimbursements to support work-life balance.

“Attracting and retaining top talent has become job #1 for CIOs today. The competition for scarce technology experts is fierce.”

– Bobby Cameron, VP Principal Analyst

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Brad Dowden
Post by Brad Dowden
January 22, 2024
Entrepreneur, Business Leader, CIO, and Founder of The CIO Circle