AI and automation are transforming enterprises. Here are key ways CIOs can strategically implement these technologies to maximise value.

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation are creating seismic changes for enterprises. According to the CBC, 75% of executives believe AI will substantially transform their companies within 3 years.

As a technology leader, you must guide your organisation in harnessing these tools through thoughtful and strategic implementation.

The CIOs Strategic Role in Leveraging AI, ML and Automation (1)-1

Identifying Use Cases

Conduct opportunity scans to pinpoint where AI/ML and automation can add high value. Prioritise customer engagement, risk management, and operational efficiency use cases.

Performing Risk Assessments

Thoroughly evaluate security, compliance, bias, and job displacement risks before deployment. Build ethics review into your AI/ML development lifecycle.

Leading Change Management

Help stakeholders across the business understand, adopt, and maximise technologies through change management. Get frontline staff onboard through training.

Monitoring Results

Track performance benchmarks and metrics to quantify the bottom-line impact of AI/ML and automation initiatives. Share hard ROI evidence to justify investments. 

By taking a strategic approach to implementing AI and automation, CIOs and technology Leaders can help their organisations capitalise on these technologies to drive enterprise impact.  As Chris Howard from IBM puts it,  “The CIOs who quickly understand AI’s possibilities and risks, and who can identify areas of opportunity in their businesses, will be best positioned to help their enterprises capitalise on AI.” 

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Brad Dowden
Post by Brad Dowden
February 5, 2024
Entrepreneur, Business Leader, CIO, and Founder of The CIO Circle